Automower 550 EPOS w/Reference Station [Free Shipping]
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Husqvarna EPOS (Exact Positioning Operating System) is a breakthrough technology for a Automower® robotic lawn mowers. The satellite-based technology enables the mowers to work within virtual boundaries. This makes it an easy and flexible solution. This model was specifically released for home owners and is a perfect solution for large yards that have open skies. Also, the absence of physical boundary wires means problem-free aerating, scarifying and turf repair.

Automower 550 EPOS is specifically designed for commercial use with its low cut cutting deck enabling mowing for grass types that are maintained at a smaller height. The kit includes the Automower and the reference station, with all the power supplies and cables.

Reference Station is included in this order. If you are looking to purchase a single reference station with multiple mowers, then please send us an email at

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Brand: Husqvarna

Why SmartDots?

  • We are a Texas based company. If you are purchasing from outside of Texas then sales tax may not apply to you, saving you some $$$
  • We program the mower with the latest firmware, change out any part that was recalled , check battery and ensure you get the best performance possible.
  • We will be available to guide you for installation - Whether it is determining the location of reference station, the layout for your yard, providing you with support on phone or providing you with best practices and lessons learned, we will be there with you throughout the process
  • You get eligible for a free 3rd year warranty when the mower is purchased from SmartDots (please check with us for more details)
  • Our Horizon Service helps us connect to mowers remotely and diagnose issues, troubleshoot problems as well as upgrade firmeware if its failing over FOTA.



30.4 lbs

Product size length

28.3 in

Product size width

22 in

Product size height

12.6 in



Battery type


Battery capacity

10 Ah

Charging current

7 A

Typical charging time

60 min

Cutting System


Cutting system

3-5 pivoting razor blades depending

on serial number. 2023 models come with 

5 blade disc. 

Cutting height, min (approximate)

0.8 in

Cutting height, max (approximate)

2.4 in


Bluetooth®, Cellular

Firmware Update


Typical mow time on one charge

200 min

GPS Theft tracking


PIN code




Lift sensor


Tilt sensor


Ultrasonic sensor