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Focus On Running Your Business And Worry Less About Turf Maintenance.

Making your turf stand out is now easier than ever with a robotic mower.

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A Robotic Mower for Every Use Case

Imagine never having to worry about manually cutting grass ever again! Our robotic mowing solution is changing the mowing game for commercial entities everywhere. From massive golf courses to city parks and zoos, corporate offices, universities and sports fields, landscaping businesses, restaurants, and more – we have a solution for you!

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Let Our Robotic Mowers Make Your Turf Look Outstanding

Meet your landscape needs in a revolutionary way

Our mowers are designed to provide maximum efficiency while maintaining the integrity of your outdoor spaces.  Many of our customers recently adopted them as part of their maintenance system, and with our wide range of expertise in the field, you can be sure that all your commercial lawn needs are met without fail!

Commercial Use Cases

Athletic Fields/ Sports Complexes

Robotic mowers are being adopted at sports complexes and athletic fields to leverage efficiency and great looking turf

Golf Courses

Managing turf at fairways, roughs and recreational areas of golf courses with robotic mowers, frees up labor to address other aspects of a golf course.


Landscapers who are not adding robotic mowers to their crew are missing out on an increased efficiency and bottom line.

Baseball/Cricket Fields

 With pattern mowing, wireless robotic mowers can still provide the perfect finish with stripes on baseball or cricket fields.

Solar Farms

 For remote areas such as solar farms, robotic mowers enable hands-free mowing capabilities that contribute towards a better managed solar farm.

Homeowner's Association

 Leveraging robotic mowers in common areas and even around homes helps HoA's improve the curb appeal, while adding efficiency to operational costs.

Corporate Offices & Campuses

 Eliminate the noise and bring the peace with robotic mowing solutions for areas such as corporate offices, school/university campuses and more.

Apartment Complexes

 Offer your tenants a peaceful environment, while giving them an "always mowed" space to wind down and relax.

Public Parks/ Municipalities

 Large municipalities and park managers can leverage robotic mowers to win back time for their crews to focus on higher priority tasks.

Improve Efficiency

Enhance efficiency by  conquering the mundane task of mowing. Crews can focus on other important tasks. By delegating mowing to robotic mowers, businesses optimize their workforce and boost overall efficiency  

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Our Process

Get the Perfect Lawn With a Robotic Mower Solution

Pilot Program

To ensure that you and your teams get familiar with the robotic mowing concept, we mutually determine a location for a pilot


Our teams will then devise a solution, design the layout and install the robotic mowers as a fleet based on your priority of implementation

Post Installation Support

With our end to end capabilities and expert teams we will provide you with all the support that you need to manage and maintain the mowers


Our team of experts will consult with you, provide a demo and determine the best way forward to pursue a robotic mower solution


  • Lawn Size (±20) | 0.6 acre
  • Cutting height, max (approximate) 2.4 in
  • Supports Fairway Kit for Lowering Cutting Height

Leading Commercial Robotic Mowers


  • Lawn Size (±20) | 0.6 acre
  • Cutting height, max (approximate) 3.6 in
  • Ideal for maintaining grass at taller height


  • Lawn Size (±20) |6 acres
  • Cutting height, max (approximate) 3.6 in
  • Supports Fairway Kit for Lowering Cutting Height

Top Brands for Commercial Spaces

Automated Lawn Care with CEORA™ Robotic Mower

The CEORA™ robotic mower by Husqvarna revolutionizes commercial turf care. It offers a large area capacity, simplifying aerating and turf repair with virtual boundaries instead of physical wires. The EPOS™ reference station ensures accurate operation through high-precision satellite positioning. CEORA™ moves efficiently between work areas and autonomously seeks the charging station. Customize cutting frequency, monitor and control CEORA™ from anywhere through the app. Maintenance and service are simplified with the app’s pre-defined maintenance point feature. 

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Professional Installation and Maintenance

Make Mowing Effortless – Let A Robotic Mower Do The Work For Your Facility

Forget about the hassle that comes with keeping your lawn mowed, with our robotic mower installation and maintenance services in the Frisco and DFW area we do the work for you.   

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Let SmartDots Design & Install Your Robotic Mower Solution

Revolutionize Your Outdoor Space Now!

Focus on running your business and let us take care of the technology that maintains your lawns. With options suitable for any commercial entity, you can customize your lawn care to fit your unique needs and preferences. Our robotic mower solutions will help you save time, money and energy while you keep succeeding in your business.

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Installation Process

Get Ready To Have A Lawn Perfectly Mowed!

Consultation And Evaluation

We start by understanding your unique lawn care needs. Our experts will consult you and evaluate your property on Google Maps based on the given address

Customized Solution And Quote

Our team will design a customized solution and provide you with a quote. We offer a 45-day satisfaction guarantee, along with the first two years of annual service and an additional three-year warranty.

Expert Installation And Support

We’ll schedule an installation date and come to your business. Once the installation is complete, we will assist as needed to ensure the proper functioning of your robotic mower.

Our Maintenance Plans

Keep Your Mower In Optimal Condition All Year Round!

Our annual maintenance service ensures that your mower is in optimal condition for the upcoming mowing season. We clean the mower, change the weather seal, re-calibrate sensors, and perform many other important tasks to guarantee smooth operation. And for added convenience, we offer an optional pick-up and drop-off service.

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Take advantage of our end to end services

Ensure Your Robotic Mowers Perform its Best

Design & Solution Development

 We work with you to determine the most appropriate solution. Our goal is to help you strike a perfect balance between cost, reliability and efficiency. This includes choosing the right manufacturer, mower model, size, installation layout etc.

Professional Installation

 Once we have a solution finalized, we will take care of installation by leveraging our team of trained and certified technicians. We leverage our experience and technical expertise to ensure an optimal installation is provided.

Top Quality Support

 Whether you need to get your staff trained (or) require regular support structure, we have it all. Our service and support plans are custom designed based on things that are most important for your business.

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At Smart Dots, we deliver robotic mower solutions that handle all the hard labor for you with professional precision and accuracy.