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I have a large backyard, which is about 0.5 acres and I am looking for a robotic mowing solution that will help me get rid of my lawn service which is unreliable and irregular. I host a lot of get togethers in my backyard and would like my grass to be well mowed all the time. WIth the current service,  I sometimes have to ask my husband to mow the lawn who is super busy most of the time, just because my lawn service does not show up before a get together. 

I dont need any mowing in the front as it is mostly hardscaped and the remainder of the lawn is mowed by our HoA. 

Should I consider going with a 450X EPOS or Sunseeker? Price is definitely important, but reliability is also important. ( I dont want the robotic mower to behave like my lawn service). 


Based on your requirements, you could potentially go with a Automower 520 EPOS. It will give you a good balance between price, reliability and great end user experience & flexibility. While Sunseeker mowers are also good, considering that they are new and reliability and support seems like more important to you, you can choose to go with Husqvarna. The price is $4200 vs $3000 (Plus Model) for Sunseeker. We are taking orders for Sunseekers and Automower 520 EPOS if you are interested. 

Be sure to check our blog article to ensure your yard is apt for a wireless robotic mower --> https://www.smart-dots.com/blog/blog-3/what-is-epos-rtk-in-robotic-mowers-will-it-work-for-my-yard-31