Sunseeker Orion X7 Robotic Mower: Expert Opinion

Sunseeker has entered the US market with its range of wired and wireless robotic lawn mowers, establishing itself as a significant player. Founded in 2009, Sunseeker initially specialized in power tools before venturing into robotic mowers. In 2024, they launched their first wireless robotic mower in the US, and at SmartDots, we were among the select dealers given early access to test these mowers over the past 4-5 months. We also had the chance to sell and install them for our customers. This article shares our detailed review of various aspects of the mower, including models, key features, durability, reliability, functionality, and mechanical design.

Mower Models & Pricing: (5/5) 

The Orion X7 range includes three models:

Each model comes with everything needed for setup, including the mower, RTK station, mounting hardware, power supplies, additional blades, 4G module (for specific models), and other accessories.

Sunseeker's approach of offering only three models simplifies the customer experience and allows for streamlined support, with differences primarily in battery capacity and charging systems. This strategy helps the manufacturer provide consistent and efficient service and logistics management.

Visual Design & Body Build Quality: (4/5) 

The Orion X7 mowers feature a sleek design with well-defined curves and edges to minimize tangling with obstacles. The camera's overhang protects it from rain and dust. While the overall plastic quality is good, some parts, like the bumper sensor and camera overhang, feel less durable. This hasn't affected functionality but could be improved for a better user experience.

Technology: (4/5) 

  • RTK (Real Time Kinematic): Utilizes GNSS signals for navigation, supplemented by stereo vision for VSLAM, IMU sensors, and AI vision to navigate challenging areas. This technology can be limited by landscape features such as tall buildings and heavy tree foliage, but Sunseeker's use of complementary technologies helps overcome these challenges. To learn more about RTK systems check out our recent blog post.
  • VSLAM (Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping): Uses stereo cameras to provide depth information and build visual maps, enhancing navigation and obstacle avoidance.
  • IMU Sensors: Measure force, angular rate, and orientation, helping the mower navigate without RTK signals. These sensors work in conjunction with other technologies to ensure reliable performance.
  • LoRA (Long Range Radio): Ensures robust communication between the RTK station and the mower, using the 915MHz frequency band. We observed impressive range during our testing.
  • Super WiFi: Extends WiFi signal from the base to the mower, allowing for app tracking throughout the yard even without direct WiFi coverage.
  • 4G Connectivity: Available on Plus and Pro models for tracking in case of theft, with two years of free service. This module enhances security but doesn't replace the need for a WiFi connection for full functionality.

During our testing, we observed that the RTK base to mower communication worked flawlessly even in complex setups. For example, in a property shown below, even with narrow passages, tree cover, and multiple buildings, we installed an Orion X7 Plus and achieved seamless operation across five zones. In the example below the furthest point between the mower and RTK station would be approximately ~200 feet without direct line of sight.

However, during our regular testing, we found that the mower struggled in very narrow areas (with tall fence on one side and building/house on other side - About 6-7 feet wide and 20 feet long), showing a 70-80% success rate. Firmware updates have improved performance, and we expect further enhancements. Comparatively most other brands of robotic mowers struggled in the same area and Sunseeker showed relatively better performance.

Mechanical Design & Drive System: (5/5) 

The Orion X7's unique design features two large front wheels and a single powered rear wheel, enabling all-wheel drive (AWD) and handling slopes up to 70%. This design provides excellent maneuverability and traction, making it effective in challenging terrains. The large, rugged wheels rarely cause the mower to get stuck, unlike some competitors.

During our testing, the Orion X7 showed superior performance in various terrains, rarely reporting errors related to being stuck. The dense rubber wheels offer great grip and long lifespan, contributing to the mower's reliability.

Serviceability & Maintenance: (4/5) 

Sunseeker mowers are designed for easy maintenance, with accessible wheel motors, battery compartment, and 4G module. For example, replacing a wheel motor only involves removing the wheel, unscrewing the motor from outside, and disconnecting the connector. The battery compartment is also accessible from outside, simplifying battery replacement. Adding or replacing the 4G module is straightforward and takes only a few minutes.

While these features enhance serviceability, we await further clarity on parts availability and ordering processes. The ease of accessing other parts of the mower should enable efficient labor rates for more complex repairs.

Cutting System & Cut Quality: (4.5/5) 

Orion X7 mowers feature dual cutting discs, each with three blades. The floating cutting deck ensures an even and smooth cut, minimizing scalping even on uneven lawns. The Orion X7 uses razor-style pivoting blades, which are easy to replace. With a cutting width of 14 inches, the mower covers more ground efficiently.

Our testing showed that the Orion X7 provides excellent cut quality and handles relatively tall grass well. However, when mowing tall grass, large clippings can get wedged between the blade and disc, affecting blade pivoting. This is common among robotic mowers without a skid plate. It is recommended to use the mower to maintain a consistent lawn height rather than mowing tall grass.

The cutting height is electronically adjustable, with all models offering a range from 0.8 inches to 4 inches. This range accommodates all grass types and is one of the reasons Sunseeker offers only three models, as this range covers the needs of most users.

Features: (4/5) 

The Orion X7 offers multiple features:

  • Intelligent Path Planning: Calculates the most efficient mowing path, with options for random mowing, straight lines, or custom lines at user-defined angles.
  • Multi-Zone Management: Allows for the definition of multiple mowing zones and pathways between zones.
  • AI Vision: Uses the camera for obstacle avoidance and object detection, enhancing navigation.
  • Slope Handling: Excellent slope handling due to the unique design, maintaining lines even on heavily sloped terrains.
  • Rain Sensor: Detects rain or sprinklers and parks the mower automatically.
  • Theft Protection: Uses a pin code for access and includes a 4G module for tracking (Plus and Pro models).
  • Headlights: Improves visibility during nighttime operation.
  • Night Mode: Initially available only on the Pro model but now available on other models via software update.
  • Noise Level: Advertised at 55dB, though our testing found it to be noisier than some competitors. It's not loud enough to disturb but is noticeable.
  • AI Mapping: Recently, Sunseeker released an AI mapping feature for installation, allowing the mower to create a map automatically. This feature is suitable for fully fenced yards or those with defined boundaries and can be used with manual mapping.

We tested all these features and found them to work well. However, despite the impressive feature set, we believe Sunseeker has overlooked a few important additions, such as a loud siren for theft protection, grass growth detection with automatic schedule adjustment, and smart zone planning based on GNSS signal strength

Installation: (4/5) 

Sunseeker has made the installation process as simple as possible, aiming for a DIY-friendly setup without needing professional assistance.

The app provides a step-by-step guide after the initial setup to help users install the mower. Pairing the mower with the RTK station is fully automated, requiring only the WiFi password and following on-screen instructions. The app ensures users have enough time to review each step thoroughly. Like many robotic lawn mowers, the Orion X7 requires driving around the property perimeter to create virtual boundaries.

Once paired, the installation process is straightforward. The app's precise control helps define boundary lines accurately, even on curved borders.

One drawback is the mower's slow speed during installation, which can make the initial setup time-consuming. However, this slower speed also allows for better control.

Mobile App: (2/5) 

The Sunseeker mobile app, "Robotic Mower," is where improvements are needed. The app feels like a modified generic version, with a rudimentary look and navigation.

While it offers essential features, it lacks the intuitive and polished interface expected from such technology. Despite being responsive with no crashes or failed configurations during testing, the app misses some useful tools for better installation, such as assessing the optimal location for the reference station or displaying visible GNSS satellites.

The schedule management UI is poor, especially for creating zone schedules. However, the app does allow users to share their mowers via QR code, a handy feature for sharing with neighbors.

Overall, Sunseeker needs to revamp the app with a more intuitive and sleek UI, adding features like optimal RTK antenna installation location, easy zone boundary editing, sequence selection for zone mowing, satellite view on the map, and better display of previously mowed areas.

Overall Conclusion: (4/5) 

The Sunseeker Orion X7 mowers impress with their durability, reliability, and advanced design. They are strong competitors in the AWD category, packed with technology and featuring a sophisticated cutting deck. The price point is attractive, including everything needed for setup. During our testing and deployment, the mower performed well in complex areas and had a good operational range.

While the mobile app needs improvement, we are confident Sunseeker will address this in future updates. SmartDots is an authorized dealer for Sunseeker, and we carry these mowers on our webstore. For any inquiries or to determine if this mower is suitable for your yard, please reach out to us at

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