dotGate V5.0 NEW!
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Our new and re-designed patented v5.0 gate is 11.5 inches tall, creating a much lower profile than ever before. With stainless steel hinges, steel frame and aluminum doors, it provides combination of strength and lightness so that the Automower can push through easily. The doors have a protective edge to avoid scratches on the mower as it pushes through the gates. The door comes pre-drilled with holes that can be leveraged for an add on locking mechanism in the future.

A comprehensive solution for Husqvarna Automowers, when installation area is separated by a fence. You no longer have to worry about carrying the mower physically between front and back yards, or leaving the fence door open. Our patented dotGate solution is compatible with most wooden , metal and chain link fences. Vertical door hinges help the door to have a low profile and there is no need to worry about the door hitting the stop button.

dotGate is the only gate available in the market that works with EPOS mowers.

Tested for 450X/H, 430X/H, 550/550H, 315X, 415X, 550/H EPOS, 450X/H EPOS, 435X AWD, 535 AWD

Now compatible with Kress Mowers - KR172, KR173, KR174 , Mega Mission KR233 and Mega Mission KR 236.

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Brand: SmartDots


  • Patented Design for metal, wooden or chain link fences
  • Compatible with Patented Automated Locking Mechanism for pets – [Locking Mechanism is not included with the gate]
  • Vertical Hinges help protect mower top body from scratches.
  • Edge Protection to protect the side of the mower from scratches
  • Full Metal Construction with High Quality Powder Coat for all weather conditions
  • Strong Steel Frame gives strength for all installation scenarios
  • Light Aluminum Doors help minimize strain on mower when pushing through
  • Holes in the door minimize wind resistance
  • Adjustable Spring Design to align door when needed
  • Easy to Install – Shipped Completely Assembled
  • Low Profile – Height ~11.4” – Keeps large pets from escaping through gate, even without locking mechanism
  • Dimensions – 35.6” X 11.4”

Device Capability : Door

Color : Black

Style : 4.0

Technology : NA

Internal Cost($) : -

Cost Price($) : 125

SmartDots MSRP($) : 399

Labor Cost Installation($) : -

Labor Cost Configuration($) : -

Config Cost Reseller($) : -

Labor Price Installation($) : -

Labor Price Configuration($) : -

Supplier : VRL Automation

Manufacturer : VRL Automation

Part_No : SDOTS003

UPC_Code : 38X14X4

Shipping Charge($) : 25