Magnet Holder Assembly (High Cut Mowers) - 430XH, 450XH, 450XH EPOS, 550H EPOS, 520H EPOS
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This is replacement for OEM Part# 596489901

The magnet holder assembly is specifically for all the high cut models on Husqvarna Automowers. This includes all the high cut models - 430XH, 450XH, 450XH EPOS, 550H EPOS and 520H EPOS.

The magnet holder is used by the mower to detect collisions and to determine if the mower body is lifted. It is not very uncommon to lose the magnet on the holder over time, which will disable the sensing mechanism and the mower may continuously report a "Collision Error" that cannot be cleared.

Replacement of the sensor is very easy and only requires two screws to be removed to remove the holder assembly and then replace it with the new one.

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