Kress KR174
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Redefining precision in lawn care with Kress RTKⁿ technology, the KR174 robotic lawn mower introduces satellite-guided, centimeter-level accuracy without the need for any property-specific stationary antennas. Equipped with dual-layer razor sharp blades and obstacle avoidance system, the KR174 operates efficiently under any conditions.

Key Features:

  • Centimeter-level accuracy without station antenna in your property
  • Satellite-guided - no perimeter wire installation
  • Dual-layer razor-sharp blades for dense and overgrown grass
  • Integrated obstacle avoidance system
  • Multi-zone function with the ability to precisely navigate from one turf area to another
  • Dead reckoning for mowing even undershade (weak satellite signal)
  • Systematic coverage in parallel lines for maximum mowing efficiency
  • Auto-levelling cutting disc
  • Anti-theft protection
  • MAP™ (Mowing Action Plan) for advanced path optimization and dynamic adjustment technology
  • Electronic cutting height adjustment
  • RBS™ Regenerative Brake System for energy saving

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Technical Specifications

Maximum slope 40%
Sound level perceived 61 db
Front wheels 2
Weather resistant Yes
Hose cleaning Yes
Quick return Yes
Water protection index (IP code) IPX5
Maximum lawn size 1.7 acre
Recommended lawn size 1.2 acre
Maximum area (cutting every 72h) 1.7 acre
Recommend area (cutting every 48h) 1.2 acre
App 1
Display LCD
Battery capacity 6 Ah
Voltage 20V
Side charge Yes
Battery type Li-Ion
Maximum area (cutting every 72h) 1.7 acre
Recommend area (cutting every 48h) 1.2 acre
Weight 28.46 lbs
Cutting height adjustment Electronic
Cutting blades 6
Self-leveling blade disc Yes
Cutting methods Logic
Forward and rotating Yes
Navigation pattern Systematic
Cutting width 8 21/32 in
Cutting height 1.57 - 3.54 in
Cutting height max 60mm
PIN code Yes
Lift sensor Yes
Low inertia blades Yes
Electric fence Yes
Anti-theft system Yes
Auto lock Yes
4G Yes
OTA (Over-The-Air) Yes