Automower 4G Connect Board
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"Replacement part for Automower Connect Board. Husqvarna Part # 597317205. Only includes the replacement board. If you are adding a 4G board to an Automower that never had a connect board, you may also need the connection ribbons, which are not included in this order. Please reach us out in case you also need the connectors.

If you have an Automower that no longer connects to the network, then chances are that it has the old 2G or 3G board. 2G and 3G Cellular networks are being decommisioned by network operators and as a result the mowers are unable to connect to any cellular network. This can result into the mower showing a ""Disconnected"" state and disabling the end user to manage the mower remotely. This replacement board will help your mower connect back to the network and regain connectivity. Once the board is installed, the mower needs a firmware update. Typically the mower has to be taken to an autorized dealer to perform this activity, however with SmartDots Horizon Service that is not a problem. With the Horizon Service, SmartDots can connect to your mower remotely and push the necessary firmware update, perform diagnosis, perform checks etc.

Warranty Calim: If your mower is in warranty and you are looking to get the board upgraded, then please reach out to us at along with your proof of purchase so that we can send you the board at no additional cost. The Horizon Service should be purchased to enable us to help you."

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