Automower 450X Package
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The Automower 450X package includes everything that you need for a typical home with a fenced backyard. You can save over $400 by choosing this package and ensuring that you have everything that you need for installing your Automower. The 450X is a top of the line Automower that is suitable for large and complex lawns."

Ships within 5-7 Business days upon availability of all items, as we need time to ensure we prepare the mower before we ship it to you.

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Brand: Husqvarna

Package includes,

Automower 450X - As Authorized Husqvarna AAP partners, we ensure that the Automower is updated with the latest firmware, has the latest 4G Connect Card and is upto date with any known issues in hardware. Rest assured your Automower will perform at its best when you receive it.

dotWire 750M - A spool of the 500M and 250M (Total of 750M) pro grade 3.8mm dotWire that has multiple layers of protection, including a wire mesh jacket that also helps in minimizing issues from external interference sources  and the top protective layer that is infused with UV protection and pest repellent. Designed to last for upto 10 years.

dotGate 4.0 - Our patent pending dotGate that enables the mower to move between fenced areas without the need to carry the mower physically. The gate comes ready to install a add-on locking mechanism (to be released soon). Can be installed on wooden or metal fences. Additional hardware for metal fences is not included in this package and needs to be purchased separately.

Staples & Connectors: 600 pcs of staples are included that are sufficient for a typical installation , but more staples can purchased if needed. Connectors for connecting the wires to the base station terminal as well as waterproof gel connectors to connect the guide wire and/or resolve wire breaks is also included.  

You could save over $250 by bundling these items in a package. Other than that purchasing from SmartDots can bring you the following advantages,

  • We are a Texas based company. If you are purchasing from outside of Texas then sales tax may not apply to you, saving you some $$$
  • We program the mower with the latest firmware, change out any part that was recalled , check battery and ensure you get the best performance possible.
  • We will be available to guide you for installation - Whether it is designing the layout for your yard, providing you with support on phone or providing you with best practices and lessons learned, we will be there with you throughout the process
  • You may be eligible for a free 3rd year warranty when the mower is purchased from SmartDots (please check with us for more details)
  • Easy 0% financing available for those who qualify. To apply for financing please send an e-mail to and we can take care of you.