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Husqvarna Automower® 415X - a reliable and high-performance model in the X-line series, suited for the midsized lawn. It mows complicated lawns up to 0.37 acres, featuring systematic passage mowing for perfectly cut narrow passages and it easily handles slopes with an incline of 40%. Carefree operation thanks to electric cutting height adjustment, TargetHeight function, frost guard and weather timer. Easily cleaned and washed off with a hose. As a member of our premium X-line range, it features Automower® Connect with GPS theft tracking and GPS-assisted navigation to keep you in control where ever you are and X-line design with LED Headlights, front bumper and special coloured wheel caps. Also equipped with FOTA (automatic firmware updates over the air).

Installation Material is NOT included with the mower (Refer to our Packages or Accessories section for more details)"

Ships within 5-7 Business days, as we need time to ensure we prepare the mower before we ship it to you.

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Brand: Husqvarna
Color: Grey

Advantages of purchasing from SmartDots

  • We are a Texas based company. If you are purchasing from outside of Texas then sales tax may not apply to you, saving you some $$$
  • We program the mower with the latest firmware, change out any part that was recalled , check battery and ensure you get the best performance possible.
  • We will be available to guide you for installation - Whether it is designing the layout for your yard, providing you with support on phone or providing you with best practices and lessons learned, we will be there with you throughout the process
  • You get eligible for a free 3rd year warranty when the mower is purchased from SmartDots (please check with us for more details)
  • Easy 0% financing available for those who qualify. To apply for financing please send an e-mail to and we can take care of you.


AUTOMOWER® 415X Self-Install

Art no: 970 47 17‑45

Working area capacity (±20)

0.37 acre

Maximum slope performance inside installation

40 %

Maximum slope performance at boundary

15 %

Charging system


Search system


Follow guide


Area capacity per hour

678 ft²

Cutting deck


Cutting width

8.7 in

Product Data



21.4 lbs

Product size length

24 in

Product size width

17.7 in

Product size height

9.4 in



Battery type


Battery capacity

2 Ah

Charging current

1.3 A

Typical charging time

60 min

Cutting System


Cutting system

3 pivoting razor blades

Cutting height, min (approximate)

0.8 in

Cutting height, max (approximate)

2 in




Bluetooth®, Cellular

Firmware Update




Typical mow time on one charge

50 min

GPS Theft tracking


PIN code




User Interface

Keypad and display/App

Lift sensor


Tilt sensor


Ultrasonic sensor