Robotic Mower Installation and Maintenance 

A Hassle-Free Way To Mow Your Lawn At Home.

Transform your yard into a lush landscape with our robotic mower installation and maintenance services in the Frisco and DFW areas.

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Get Your Robotic Mower Installed With Ease

Our professional installation service ensures that your mower is installed correctly and any unforeseen challenges are addressed before any issues occur. We leverage a wire-laying machine explicitly designed for robotic mower installations to ensure the wire is hidden and protected. Whether just a backyard or a complex installation with a back and front yard separated by a fence and driveways, we ensure the robotic mower gets every inch of the yard!

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Automated Lawn Mowing Made Easy with dotGate

Introducing dotGate, our innovative patent-pending product that seamlessly enables your mower to navigate between front and back yards, even in the presence of a fence! With dotGate, achieving a perfectly manicured lawn has never been easier. Say goodbye to the hassle of maneuvering through tight spaces and struggling to reach every corner of your yard. Experience the joy of a beautifully pristine lawn, effortlessly maintained with dotGate.  

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Change The Way You Mow Forever!

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Contact us and provide your address to evaluate your property on Google maps. We’ll discuss your lawn size, the frequency of mowing, and other special requirements.

Design A Custom Solution

We’ll design a custom solution, provide a detailed quote, and schedule the installation date. We provide 45 days for any fixes or updates

Annual Service and Warranty 

After the installation, we suggest you sign up for our annual service plans for the first two years. You get two years of free warranty, on top of our standard one-year warranty.

Annual Maintenance

Keep Your Mower In Peak Condition With Annual Maintenance!

Don’t let the start of the mowing season surprise you! Our comprehensive list of tasks includes cleaning, calibrating, upgrading, and lubrication to get your device running like new for this year’s cutting adventures! We even offer convenient pickup and drop-off services as an optional feature.

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Benefits Of Our Maintenance Service

Ensure Optimum Performance For Your Mower


Your robotic mower will have the necessary protection and care to ensure its optimal performance lasts a long time.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

We can identify and fix any potential problems as soon as possible, avoiding costly repair jobs in the future.

Reliable Repairs

We use only high-quality parts and supplies to ensure all repairs are completed correctly and with the utmost care.

Horizon Gateway

Introducing Horizon Gateway, the game-changing remote service by SmartDots Robotic Solutions. With Horizon Gateway, we connect to your robotic mower remotely, performing diagnostics, firmware updates, sensor calibrations, and even board replacements. Experience unparalleled convenience and efficiency, eliminating the need for on-site visits, irrespective of where you are in the country. Embrace the future of remote servicing and unlock a new level of convenience with Horizon Gateway.  

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At Smart Dots, we deliver robotic mower solutions that handle all the hard labor for you with professional precision and accuracy.

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