Robotic Mower Installation and Maintenance

Make Mowing Effortless – Let A Robotic Mower Do The Work For Your Business.

Forget about the hassle that comes with keeping your lawn mowed, with our robotic mower installation and maintenance services in the Frisco and DFW area we do the work for you.   

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Let SmartDots Install Your Robotic Mower with Ease

Revolutionize Your Outdoor Space Now!

Focus on running your business and let us take care of your lawn. With options suitable for any commercial entity, you can customize your lawn care to fit your unique needs and preferences. Our robotic mower solutions will help you save time, money and energy while you keep succeeding in your business.

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Installation Process

Get Ready To Have A Lawn Perfectly Mowed!

Consultation And Evaluation

We start by understanding your unique lawn care needs. Our experts will consult you and evaluate your property on Google Maps based on the given address

Customized Solution And Quote

Our team will design a customized solution and provide you with a quote. We offer a 45-day satisfaction guarantee, along with the first two years of annual service and an additional three-year warranty.

Expert Installation And Support

We’ll schedule an installation date and come to your business. Once the installation is complete, we will assist as needed to ensure the proper functioning of your robotic mower.

Our Maintenance Plans

Keep Your Mower In Optimal Condition All Year Round!

Our annual maintenance service ensures that your mower is in optimal condition for the upcoming mowing season. We clean the mower, change the weather seal, re-calibrate sensors, and perform many other important tasks to guarantee smooth operation. And for added convenience, we offer an optional pick-up and drop-off service.

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Benefits Of Our Maintenance Service

Ensure Your Robotic Mowers Performs its Best

Prevent Costly Repairs

We can easily detect any potential problems and provide appropriate solutions to prevent costly repairs in the future.

Reliable Repairs

By using genuine parts and supplies, we ensure reliable repairs that are completed correctly and with the utmost care.


Your robotic mower will run smoothly and efficiently, ensuring optimal results for your business’ lawn every time.

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At Smart Dots, we deliver robotic mower solutions that handle all the hard labor for you with professional precision and accuracy.

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