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Since mid 2023 wireless mowers have been dominating the robotic mowing industry. There are multiple technologies that are being leveraged by various manufacturers. The most common one is RTK technology that is based on GNSS/GPS signal.  All manufacturers who use RTK technology also leverage IMU sensors (Gyro, accelerometer, directional sensors etc) to compensate for GNSS signal loss and to improve the precision of the robotic mower further. 

Some manufacturers are also leveraging single camera or stereo camera to provide smart obstacle avoidance, VSLAM based mapping and more. 

Another technology that we are seeing being use is LiDAR which is interesting, but we have to wait and see how this technology may work for large lawns and complex scenarios. 

If there are any other technologies that you are aware of then please share them. Also we would like to hear which technology do you think will prevail eventually (or) which other technologies can be leveraged.