Robotic Mowers for Commercial Users

Robotic lawn mowers are becoming more and more popular among residential users. A vast majority of people also consider that robotic mowing will mostly be limited to residential type deployments – but they are wrong. Robotic mowing technology has evolved by leaps and bounds in the last 25 years or so. Today there are robotic lawn mowers available that are designed specifically for commercial use. The solutions are defined such that, even large areas of grass can be tackled with these automated machines. Whether the target area is 2-3 acres in size or several hundred acres, a feasible robotic mower solution is available.

In this article we will review the benefits of robotic mowing, specifically for the commercial space.

So why should commercial entities like schools, parks, landscape maintenance service providers, sports complexes, golf courses, hospitals etc. move towards robotic lawn mowers? The answer is quite simple – Because it is much more cost efficient and adds tremendous value. Let’s elaborate a little more,

Grass Quality: The quality of cut provided by a robotic lawn mower is way superior when compared to traditional zero turn or ride on mowers. Instead of fixed blades, robotic lawn mowers use pivoting razor sharp blades, which are relatively gentle on hard objects, but will cut the grass blades cleanly. There are no tears in the grass, which makes the grass healthier over time.

Frequent Mowing: Whoa! Wait a minute, that can get expensive! Absolutely! It will be expensive if you are using crews to mow large sections of grass. A robotic mower instead will enable frequent mowing of these areas, making it possible to maintain the grass in an “always mowed” state. This way the turf will be available for use any anytime, adding tremendous value.

Minimize Downtime: A few days of downpour in the middle of summer can cause the grass to grow at a rate, where it might be challenging to keep up with it. The crews cannot mow the grass, while it keeps growing at a very fast rate. Well, not with a robotic lawn mower. Robotic lawn mowers are light weight with wheels that do not damage the grass, even when it is wet. Yes! Robotic mowers can mow even when the grass is wet or when it is raining. The downtime becomes next to none. It will be a perfect time to utilize the crews to do other critical tasks like cleaning tree branches after the storm, clearing the creek, trimming bushes etc.

Maximize Crew Efficiency: Most commercial entities have crews that are dedicated to maintaining the landscape. Mowing of grass is the most inefficient task for the crews as it is very time consuming and requires minimal skill level to execute. With robotic mowers, the low skilled task of mowing is outsourced to the robots, while the crews can focus on more skill based tasks like trimming of trees, edging, maintaining beds, trimming and shaping shrubs etc. Many times, mowing takes away so much time that these other tasks often get neglected.

Improved safety: Robotic mowers are equipped with sensors and safety features that reduce the risk of accidents or injuries. This is particularly important for commercial entities, where liability is a concern. The positive impact towards safety is higher when commercial entities have landscapes that involve slopes and other extreme terrains where mowing manually can potentially be hazardous.

Save Money: It is undeniable that robotic mowers tremendously improve the operational costs of a commercial organization in the long run. The maintenance costs related to robotic mowers are very low as well. Typically commercial entities see their ROI achieved in as less as 1-2.5 years. When leasing options are leveraged, the positive cashflow can potentially be achieved in a matter of months.

Contribute to the Green Movement: : Robotic mowers are powered by batteries, reducing the dependence on fossil fuels and decreasing carbon emissions. They also promote water conservation that is promoted by frequent mowing and minimal stress on the grass. This results in a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to lawn care. Please refer to this article that details the contribution of robotic mowers to the green movement –> Robotic Mower’s contribution to the green movement

In conclusion, the advantages of using robotic mowers for commercial users are many. From increased efficiency to improved safety and sustainability, these mowers are an ideal solution for companies looking to maintain their lawns in a smart, efficient, and cost-effective manner. By choosing a robotic mower, commercial entities can demonstrate their commitment to the environment, improve their bottom line, and enhance the appearance of their property for customers and clients.

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