Do you service your Automower annually?

As an Automower dealer here in the DFW area, we wanted to provide some information on servicing of the Automowers on an annual basis. So what exactly is done during the annual service? The answer is not straight forward. Every dealer has their own process in how and what they do when they service a Husqvarna robotic lawnmower. Let us try and capture some commonly asked questions here.

What is performed as part of service?

The most common tasks performed by dealers is clean up of the mower and a software upgrade/sensor calibration. But unfortunately, that is not enough. We have been providing these services in the DFW area for over 4 years now and some of our customers own a mower that was purchased in 2015 and they have been dropping it off with us for service since they found out about our services. These mowers still perform very well and mow over 1 acre of lawn without breaking down. On the contrary, we have also seen customers who have neglected their mowers and have had more issues and break downs.

We spend over 1.5-2 hours on every mower that is dropped with us and perform the following tasks as part of service,

1. Clean up the mower from outside and under the cover – The top body and chassis are separated and thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt, debri,s and other contaminants that can add unnecessary weight and in some cases also hinder the sensors and proper operation of the mower. Have to be careful while doing this and not let water leak inside the body of the mower through its breathing holes and vents.

2. Completely remove the cutting blade assembly, thoroughly clean it, check the bearing, lubricate and ensure the cutting disc protection plate is not hindering the cutting mechanism. Remember that the cutting assembly is the most used part and can easily get damaged if not serviced regularly.

3. Open the mower and check the filter, change the seal and check all connections inside. A lot of times internal connections come loose due to vibration (especially when the mower transitions over concrete surfaces) and this can cause loose connections with sensors causing unexpected behavior.

4. Treat mower inside and outside with pesticides. This is optional but more often than not, we have seen mowers becoming safe havens for spiders and insects. Not only can this damage the electronics, but it is also not safe for operators. We have also seen mower circuit boards go bad due to ant infestation when the mower was parked for long durations in winter.

5. Service the charging base. Along with the mower the charging base should also be serviced – This includes a thorough clean-up, treatment with pesticide, polishing of copper contacts, and testing the base with the software.

6. Polishing mower copper contacts – This is important to ensure that the mower can charge efficiently when docked in the base.

7. Check front wheels and change rubber if needed – This is something that is ignored a lot. The front wheels of the mower take lot more beating than the rear wheels. If the rubber is not changed every 2-3 years, the plastic frame of the wheel can start deteriorating, eventually causing the wheel to break completely.

8. Perform a full check and perform calibration using the AutoCheck software – This helps identify any unknown issues

9. Clean STOP Button – The area under the STOP button can attract a lot of dirt and cleaning it thoroughly will ensure smooth operation.

10. Upgrade firmware – The mower firmware is upgraded to the latest version.

Other than these there are other little things like cleaning the blade screw mounting holes , changing of blades, thorough polish of the mower body, cleaning of wheel caps and polishing of rubber wheels etc , which are performed to ensure the mower can get ready for the next mowing season.

The Husqvarna Automower is designed for a 10-year life. However, it assumes that the owners maintain their mowers. Owning an Automower and not servicing it regularly is like owning a car and not getting an oil change done ever.

So if you are in the DFW area, we can definitely help. If not reach out to your local dealer and request them to help you with a thorough service. For our customers who purchase an Automower from us, we provide a free 3rd-year warranty as long as they service their mowers with us the first 2 years – That’s how confident we are about the value of regular service in improving the mechanical life and efficiency of an Automower.

How often should you get a service done?

At a minimum, once a year. But if you make your mower run 24X7 and are covering areas larger than 1 acre, you can also consider a main service in winter and a mini service in the middle of the year (that covers lesser things but addresses mechanical stability related tasks).

When is the right time to get a service?

The best time to get the mower serviced is in winter or before spring so that the mower can start fresh for the mowing season giving you a long run time without any issues.

Other benefits of service,

Service is also a good time for the dealer to identify any potential issues with the mower, especially during the warranty period, and get it fixed before the warranty expires. Similarly, dealers can identify issues that may happen in the future and recommend swapping parts out before the mowing season. The battery is typically changed every 4-5 years. So it is better you do that before the mowing season starts, instead of down time during mowing season.

Just like any other mechanical device, Automowers need some TLC as well. Please don’t’ ignore your mowing friends. For those in the DFW area, feel free to reach us out on

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