Can I just buy a robotic mower online?

Well, the answer to that question is a Yes and a No. Let us explain. Today, there are several manufacturers who offer various robotic lawn mowers. Each manufacturer offers a wide range of models and features available to choose from. How do you know that you are purchasing the right mower? Well, one may argue that a lot of online research was done. But the experience that a robotic lawn mower expert such as SmartDots brings to the table can be very valuable towards considering the smallest of things in making the decision to purchase a mower.

“But SmartDots is a local dealer for DFW area that offers installation and I just want to purchase one online and install it myself“. That is correct, an experienced ‘Automower Only” dealer like SmartDots typically caters to the local market, however very few dealers like SmartDots also offer an online store. So what? If you are unsure about the mower you want to purchase, reaching out to a dealer like SmartDots who has online presence, with a promise to purchase a mower from them will go a long way. SmartDots will not only take the time to evaluate your yard for free and determine the right model for your yard using their invaluable experience, but will also provide you with a free 30 minute phone session to help you address any installation challenges or other issues.

Many such dealers are moving towards creating an online presence to help customers all over the country. Choosing the right dealer that can offer value to your purchase will be the key to achieve a hassle free experience. So to answer the original question – “Can I purchase a robotic mower online?” , the answer is – Yes, you can, as long as you choose the right provider that offers value to your purchase. The answer will be No, if you are simply looking at the mower specs, comparing it with your yard size and purchasing it from big box stores like Lowes or Amazon who offer no after purchase support or any warranty support. An online store offered by a reliable and experienced dealer will also provide you a contact who you can reach out to in case of issues, problems or warranty related aspects.

So next time you use Google to look for cheapest option to purchase a robotic lawn mower, just think about the additional value you can avail by purchasing from an experienced online dealer, by may be paying just a few $$ more than some offer from an online big box store.

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