Automower vs Landroid

There are many different kind of robotic mowers available in the market. It is often very tempting and intuitive to look for the cheapest option out there when someone begins the journey towards automating their lawn mowing. While, there are cheaper options available, it is important to understand that you are getting into a long term relationship with a machine that you want to perform consistently and with minimal intervention.

One such product available in the market is the Landroid WORX that comes with different options to suit ones needs. But when compared to an Automower, is this the right choice to make? Well, it depends on what the priority is and what the expectations are in the long run. For certain lawns Landroid may be a viable option, but not always. This article shows a high level comparison between a Landroid WORX robotic mower and Husqvarna Automower, that will help you better understand the key differences and its impact.

WORX is relatively one of the early manufacturers among Automower’s competitors who introduced a robotic lawnmower in their solution offering. Their mower has not evolved drastically over time and their focus has only been on small homes and gardens, with relatively less complex setups. Worx sells a lot of other power tools such as drills, saws, etc. They currently have 2 main robotic mower models available which have two variations each.

1. Landroid M (Range 1/4 acre)

2. Landroid L (Range 1/2 acre)

Each model has a variation with GPS and without GPS, which makes it 4 different options. The Landroid M will be comparable with the Automower 115H, whereas the Landroid L will be comparable with an Automower 315X. We have compared the Landroid L (With GPS) with a 315X to highlight the key differences.  A 115H is similar to 315X for the most part, except it does not have a built-in GPS/Cellular model (which can be added) and it does not have headlights. Also, a 115H is a high cut model and can cut between 2″ and 3.6″, whereas a 315X custs from 0.8″ to 2.4″.

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