Keep Your Lawn Looking Perfect All Year Round

Enjoy a perfectly trimmed lawn for your home or business with a robotic lawn mower.

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Forget about the tedious lawn mowing at home and embrace the effortless convenience of our innovative mowing solution.  


Elevate the look of your commercial lawn with our state-of-the-art robotic mower installation and maintenance services.

Our Solutions

Our innovative and patented products, along with unique solutions and cutting edge products, are designed to deliver outstanding results for lawns of any size.

Kress Mega Mission KR233 on sale for $8499.99

Save more with the Kress MEGA Mission KR233. Reduce your initial cost per acre by over 20%. Perfect opportunity for commercial entities and for large yards.

 Offer Ends September 30 2024.

Requires Kress Coverage in your area - Call us to learn more.

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Don’t Let Your Lawn Become a Mess

Ensure A Healthy And Glowing Lawn 

Experience the perfect blend of convenience and precision . Our robotic lawn mower solutions offer an effortless way for maintaining a lush and vibrant lawn, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your outdoor space and less time on tedious upkeep tasks. With advanced features a robotic mower ensures a well-manicured lawn without any hassle. Say goodbye to noisy, gas-powered mowers and hello to the future of lawn care.

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Why Choose Us

We Provide End To End Robotic Solutions

Our robots use cutting-edge technology that provides hands-free control over the maintenance of your precious green spaces.

Environmentally Friendly

Robotic mowers reduce carbon emissions using energy-efficient electric motors instead of gas-powered engines.

Naturally Fertilizes and Controls Weeds 

The mower’s frequent, fine cuts create small grass clippings that decompose quickly, releasing nutrients into the soil and preventing weed growth.

Saves Money

By eliminating the need for fuel, oil changes, and regular maintenance, a robotic mower significantly reduces long-term lawn care expenses.

Gives Time Back

With a robotic mower caring for your lawn, you can reclaim valuable hours spent on traditional mowing and focus on more enjoyable activities.

Just Cool

A robotic mower is an innovative and eye-catching addition to your yard, showcasing your commitment to modern technology and eco-friendly practices.

Why Choose Us

Comprehensive Solutions

Get the most comprehensive and end to end solutions for both residential and commercial applications.

Excellent Support Structure

Our team of trained technicians, support tools and unique capabilities enable us to provide top notch support – including warranty and repairs.


With our dedicated R&D team we are able to offer innovative and patented products of our own that gives us an edge over others.

Our Process

Get an “Always Mowed” Lawn in 3 Steps

Contact Us

Provide us your property’s address so that we can evaluate it on Google Maps and ask about any preferences or expectations you may have for your robotic lawn mower solution.

Design A Custom Solution

We’ll design a custom solution and provide you with a quote. We recommend scheduling an installation date within 45 days to allow any fixes or updates you may require.

Get Long-Term Care

Consider the first two years of annual service to ensure your robotic mower functions correctly. As a bonus, we offer an extra three-year warranty on all our mowers (2 years free).  

Our Products

Transform Yard Care with Innovative Technology


Experience the convenience of dotGate (with optional locking mechanism,) our patented solution that allows your mower to effortlessly move between front and back yards, even with a fence. Achieve a perfectly manicured lawn without the hassle of maneuvering tight spaces.

Horizon Gateway 

With our Horizon service, we ship the gateway directly to you. Once you plug in your robotic mower, we deliver top-notch maintenance and service through that gateway. Say goodbye to the hassle of driving for hours to find a dealer – we’ve got you covered.


Our dotWire boasts a robust metal mesh and an innovative pest-repellent material infused into the cable’s construction, ensuring optimal protection from external factors. Don’t let unexpected disruptions slow you down – choose dotWire for a reliable and secure cable solution.

Wire Free Robotic Mowers are here!

Discover the future of robotic mowing with SmartDots Robotic Solutions. Our advanced solutions eliminate the need for a boundary wire, providing a wire-free experience for both residential and commercial customers. With our expertise in the field, we assist you in selecting the right model, designing the optimal solution, and providing installation services or remote support for self-installation. Experience hassle-free mowing and let us transform your lawn care routine.

Con​​​​​​​​​​tac​​​​​​​​​​t Us

We carry the leading brands in the industry!

Why Choose Us

Choose SmartDots Robotic Solutions for all your robotic needs. We offer a wide range of comprehensive products and solutions in the field of robotics. Say goodbye to the hassle of fixing breaks in your boundary wire with our wire-free robotic mowers. Equipped with the latest RTK GPS technology, sourced from top manufacturers like Husqvarna, our mowers deliver precise and efficient performance.  

Not sure if our mower is the perfect fit for your yard? Don’t worry! We provide a free yard evaluation service, where our experts assess your yard and recommend the best solution tailored to your needs. Experience the convenience and expertise of SmartDots Robotic Solutions. Choose us for reliable, wire-free mowing solutions that exceed expectations

Local Installation, Troubleshooting, Repair and Warranty Support

Remote Services for Customers Out of DFW

Financing/Leasing Capability

Our Services

About Us

The Best in Automated Lawn Care In DFW

Established in 2015 by Ash, an electrical engineer driven by a passion for innovation, we have emerged as an industry leader in designing, installing, and maintaining state-of-the-art robotic mowing solutions for both residential and commercial customers in the DFW area.

Our journey began with Ash’s successful implementation of smart home solutions for friends, which paved the way for our expansion into commercial offerings. Today, we take pride in providing affordable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly products and services that enhance the quality of life for our customers.

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