Automower vs Stihl I-Mow

Stihl is a well known power equipment provider and has made a good name in the field for their hand held products and push mowers. They also have battery products that are being widely adopted. Stihl got into the field of robotic mowing very late, especially when compared to Husqvarna and this gives Automowers a competitive edge over STIHL. The two main models offered by STIHL today are  RMI 422 P and iMow RMI 632 P. The key difference between the two is the range of coverage , battery life and some other features. The 422 model is designed to cover about 0.25 acre, whereas the 632 is designed for up to an acre. Some key differences between these mowers and Automower is listed below, along with the impact that the missing feature can have on the over all performance.

What is EPOS & RTK in Robotic Mowers? Will it work for my yard?